Well, now I feel like a total doofus. Did anybody read Monday’s to-do list? This is when having only two people read your blog is a really good thing. Only two people to be a doofus in front of. What a relief. So, ok. Look. Here’s the deal. It’s time to cop. Here’s the list and what I did with it:

  • Get up on time, which happens to be the ungodly (in my opinion) hour of 7:30 a.m. – check!
  • Make oatmeal and pack my daughter’s lunch. – check!
  • Walk her to the bus, complaining about how she didn’t do her chores yesterday and so now I’m super bummed. – check!
  • Teach a yoga class (avoid spending the entire time complaining about my life to what is, essentially, a captive audience). – check!
  • Go to my son’s high school and supervise the study lounge until 1 pm. While I’m there, I’ll surf craigslist looking for a new couch, read and respond to email, return a phone call from my daughter’s P.E. teacher, write this blog and do some algebra.- check! 
  • Drop off books at the library. – check!
  • Stop off at the rental house and collect my tools.
  • Stop off at the pharmacy and pick up a prescription.
  • Go home and do a couple of math lessons with my son (hence the algebra). – check!
  • Do three loads of laundry.
  • Get my den ready for our friend Essiet’s arrival tomorrow (which involves putting away all my crap, moving my clothes out of the room so I can get dressed every day and so he has room for his clothes in the closet, setting up the bed, putting on some linens and getting out the guest towels).
  • Try to organize and clean the living room (which is truly a disaster).
  • Make dinner (sausages and ravioli, I think. with bread, and a salad, of course)
  • Oh yeah, stop at the store for bread (no time to bake today).
  • Do as much other stuff as I can make myself do after dinner, before I collapse in a quivering heap of freak-out at the end of the day.
Two things to notice. First, I ditched the errands. Still haven’t done them, and it’s Wednesday evening. Second. Notice that math lessons with Joey are the last thing I checked! 
Because ….

I mostly reverted to Monday’s first list, the one where I take some mind-altering … and crawl under the sheets and refuse to get up. Except that first, Joey balked at helping me clean up the house. Then,  I had a great big tirade/hissy fit. Told Joey we should ALL do WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT TO DO! LET’S ALL DO WHATEVER WE WANT FROM NOW ON, YEAH, THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

Then, I left. Well, probably I shouted some more first, I don’t really remember. Then, I went to the Spare Room and drank four Manhattans and chatted with the guys hanging out there at 2 in the afternoon as a habit. We watched the Texas/Detroit game and talked about baseball. Then, I went home, yelled at my husband (who hadn’t really done anything wrong), shoved a bunch of clothes into a backpack, and took off again. Then I went to the Kennedy School and ordered a burger, beer and tater tots (my second helping of tots that day). But hey, if tots can’t make you feel better, what can?

After that, I went to the rental house, which is still for sale, and I took a bath, put on my p.j.s and climbed into the big brass bed we used to stage the master bedroom. Then I fell asleep (passed out), at 6:30 p.m.

At 8p.m. I talked to Lisa and she said, “good for you!” Thank you Lisa!

At 8:30p.m. my husband called and said I should take some time and spend the night if it would help, and come home in the morning, when we WOULD work it out.

At 9:30p.m. I went home and we worked it out. (He gave the kids a good, stern talking to!)

My mom wants to know why people want to go onto the computer and share stuff with everybody in the world. I don’t know. Especially since this is me sharing me being super childish. Oh well.

Hey world, guess what? Sometimes I’m super childish.

Then again, last night, I got the whole living room cleaned up and lots of furniture moved and stuff put away. And everyone in the family helped me.

And today, Joey and I did two more math lessons.


About Leila

I am a wife and mother. I am an Orthodox Christian. I am a yoga and fitness instructor and personal trainer. And I am a Syrian American with family living in Syria. My life is defined by my family, and right now, that means chronic worry and fear. Thank God for my faith and the support of my family and friends. I started this blog to talk about all sorts of things, but now I focus on Syria. Until this war is over, I, like all Syrians with a love for their country and their families, am a prisoner of this war, waiting to see what will be left after the dust settles. I pray for the safety of my family and for my country to survive and repair itself in the future. God willing.
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