Well, it’s all headed to my right ear. Crap.

My cold is headed toward my right ear. I’m getting an ear infection. Like a little kid. Actually, the whole balance of my cold is on the right side of my body now. I can breathe through the left side of my nose, but my right nostril is plugged up. Blah. My left ear feels fine. My right ear hurts, and it clicks when I swallow. Blah. The left side of my throat feels ok. But my right side is swollen and tender. Blah.

Here’s what I’m going to do:
neti pot. hot pad on my throat and ear. drink more water. put garlic oil in my ear. sleep on my left side. prop my head up on three big pillows. pray to God and beg Him not to give me an ear infection. or to make my ear infection go away. actually, the whole entire cold.

Dear God, please make my whole entire cold go away and let me wake up in the morning feeling super duper. Thank you. Amen.


About LeilaPiazza

I am a wife and mother. I am an Orthodox Christian. I am a Syrian American with family living in Syria. I am a also a yoga teacher and freelance writer. I recently described myself in a job pitch as "a person who's lived in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years with a passion for writing and a passion for all things Portland. I'm a foodie, knitter, wine and beer lover, bee-keeper (yep, I said it), mead and fruit-liqueur maker, organic gardener, home-canner, hiker, biker, runner, and occasional skinny-dipper. I’ve camped all over the state, I sail a sailboat that’s moored on the Columbia (o.k., I'm the first mate), and I spend a large percentage of my time at our beach house in Seaside." That about sums it up.
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