Lest we forget, al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA

It’s our money people.

Friends of Syria

As Western media continue to relentlessly portray the Syrian regime as illegitimate and not of the people, hoping to drum up international and regional support while Takfiri militias massacre their way through local civilian populations, spinning lies after lies to shield the public from the bitter truth, too often have the people fallen into the pit of misinformation and propaganda.

In a world such as ours, where realities have been altered to fit the world’s agendas, and evil has been disguised as truth, one needs to keep one’s feet firmly on the ground and remember that whenever Western powers speak of truth, more often than not, they are indeed professing deceit and spreading preposterous lies.

For one, Syria’ so-called 2011 revolution never actually was. While civilians might have at first expressed some desires to see implemented reforms in Syria, motivated by a need to see things evolve, it was foreign…

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About Leila

I am a wife and mother. I am an Orthodox Christian. I am a yoga and fitness instructor and personal trainer. And I am a Syrian American with family living in Syria. My life is defined by my family, and right now, that means chronic worry and fear. Thank God for my faith and the support of my family and friends. I started this blog to talk about all sorts of things, but now I focus on Syria. Until this war is over, I, like all Syrians with a love for their country and their families, am a prisoner of this war, waiting to see what will be left after the dust settles. I pray for the safety of my family and for my country to survive and repair itself in the future. God willing.
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