Plant List – Piazza House, MSWCD, Naturscaping Plant Tour 2014

 Plant List – Piazza House, MSWCD Naturescaping Plant Tour 2014

Front yard, left side of the house (facing house) 

Against the house, left to right – Camellia, Lonicera nitida, Native Azalea, evergreen clematis, yellow climbing rose. Small stuff – crocosmia, valeriana, native asters, Iris. In the pots – top – yellow flame willow (salix), bottom – valeriana, echinacea, hens and chicks (sempervivum).

To the left of the stone path – unknown evergreen (maybe a chamaecyparis), bear’s breeches (acanthus mollis), lamb’s ears (stachys), Johnson’s blue geranium, mugo pine, japanese maple.

To the far left, from the house toward the street – Rose of Sharon (hibiscus syriacus), camas (camassia), peony, potentilla (native), beautyberry (callicarpa), cotoneaster Tom Thumb, skyrocket juniper, lamb’s ears, creeping juniper, sedum, Euonymus (burning bush).

Fig tree in the middle!

Along the middle walkway -Left side – cupressus macrocarpa (Wilma Goldcrest), Hosta “Honeybell”, lavender, carpet rose, blueberry, oregano. 

Front yard, right side of the house

Against the house – clematis montana, red elderberry, rosa gymnocarpa (wood’s rose), douglas spirea, solomon’s seal (polyganatum)

Along middle of walkway – Right side – Wilma Goldcrest, golden oregano, lavender, carpet rose, oriental poppies, mulleinAlong the sidewalk – left to right – blueberry, columbine (aquilegia), wild garlic, geranium, bellflower, oregano, lupine, star magnolia (magnolia stellata).

Parking strip – left to right, facing the street – corylopsis (winter hazel), violets, prickly pear cactus (opuntia), garden box, blackeyed susan, two columnar apple trees, dahlias, heaths and heathers, lavender, unknown evergreen, cherry tree (montmorency),  corokia, staghorn sumac (rhus typhina), an unknown grass, sedum Autum Joy, catmint (nepeta). 

Living bench – various sedums, golden oregano, marjoram, creeping thyme

Far right section of parking strip – three types of geranium, shrub rose, crape myrtle, asian lilies, irises, sage, salad burnet, alliums

Side yard – in front of the gate – left side – crocosmia, columnar and espaliered apples, blueberries, strawberries fuschia.

Right side – gold flame spirea, oregano, yarrow, apricot, strawberry.

Side yard – behind the gate – left side – oceanspray (holodiscus), Andromeda (pieris), ninebark (physocarpus), Nandina, ferns, fuschia, hosta. Right side – hosta, bear’s breeches, grape (Niagara).

Left side of backyard – looking toward the back yard from the house – plum tree (italian prune), Native American dogwood (dying) (cornus nutalii, solomon’s seal, hosta, snowberry, salmonberry, bleeding heart, sanguinium, various ferns, meadow rue (thalictrum), ock orange (philadelphus), heuchera, sweet woodruff (galium), native bedstraw, oceanspray, lenten rose, (hellebore), hydrangea, primrose, little gem junuper, unknown evergreens, japanese maple, vine maples, red elderberry, goat’s beard (aruncus dioicus), astrantia, himalayan honeysuckle, viburnum (plicatum tomentosum), mock orange, Indian Plum (Osoberry), wood sorrel, yellow wood violet, red huckleberry

Against the house – climbing hydrangea, hostas, lady’s mantle, heuchers, rose of sharon

Middle – to the right of the path – hostas, hydrangea, variegated elderberry, mock orange, japanese fern, fuschia, heuchera “Lime Rickey”, hooker’s fairy bell, False Solomon’s seal, vine maple,

Around the pond – unknown grass, Willow (Salix Hakuro Nishiki), Japanese maple, mock orange, willow (golden flame), willow (nana purpurea), native dogwood (cornus stolonifera), hosta, native Iris, astrantia, blue eyed grass

Middle of Yard – close to the house – fuschia, spruce, bear’s breeches, Japanese maple, strawberry  begonia (saxifraga), Styrax japonica, serpents tongue, geranium, oceanspray, strawberry tree, asian lilies, peony,  sweetbox (sarcoccoca), 

Along the back fence – clumping bamboo, quaking aspen, serpent’s tongue, astrantia, begonia, hosta, bleeding heart, Mexican Orange (choisya), viburnum, privet, red currant (ribes), bear’s breeches, goat’s beard, hazel (native) 

Right side of yard –  blueberry. strawberry, ajuga. myrica gale, mock orange, evergreen hucklyberry, oatgrass, joe pye weed, birch (himalayan, jackmontii), cascara (rhamnus purshiana), mock orange, rose, oregano, veronica, sedum (autumn joy), lonicera “Baggenson’s Gold”, mint, western redbud (cercis), potato, red flowering currant (ribes sanguineum), wood’s rose, nootka rose, smoke bush (cotinus), beautyberry, hosta, raspberry, asian pear, apple, iris

Plant list available at, “O.K. Look, Here’s the Deal” blog. Search for “plant list”


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