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An open letter to a man who called me a “bot.”

“Wow mom, that’s amazing! This guy thinks you’re a bot?! He thinks you opened a Facebook account before the war, and then posted thousands of pictures of your family and friends, your garden, your bees, your home improvement projects, your outfits of the day, the food you cook, the food you eat, and the haflis you’ve attended, even our church festival, all so you could discredit the U.S. government’s narrative about Syria? Wow, that’s some serious deep state sh*t!” Continue reading

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Thrift Shop Tips – Part I

No dressing room? You’d better know that for sure! One of my favorite stores in town has none. You wear exercise clothes or a bathing suit under your street threads so you can strip down and try on garments in the aisles. I forgot the last time I went (and this store is far away from home), so I ended up flashing everyone my granny panties (thank God I wasn’t wearing a thong!) Continue reading

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