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Life goes on. Thank God.

Talked to my brother and sister in Syria today. Pretty happy to get through to both of them on the same day. Doesn’t happen very often. My sister is at her in-laws right now. There’s not enough heating oil available … Continue reading

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Congress votes tomorrow to send more weapons to ISIS and other terrorist groups

My recent comments to the President: Does the President realize that the new bill to arm Syrian rebels doesn’t exclude arming people with terrorist links?! From the article: “The bill would not exclude rebels with links to terrorist groups from … Continue reading

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287,000,000 reasons to call or write President Obama, or your congressperson today.

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/05/28/obama-may-approve-project-to-train-and-equip-moderate-syria-rebels/ “The president pointed to Syria as one battlefield where allies could work together to ease the crisis. He pledged to work with Congress to “ramp up support” for certain elements in the Syrian opposition who “offer the best alternative … Continue reading

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Not to be lazy folks, but . . .

Hi Everyone, and by “everyone,” I actually mean “more than two people.” Yay! I would first like to say, I hope you all had a chance to check out my posts about Syria. A terrible injustice is being done there, … Continue reading

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Now we’re talking or NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL

So it’s N17, a day of protest against banks and Wall Street. The Occupy Wall Street Movement says, “The occupation that began on the 17th of September in Zuccotti Park has proven that we still have a chance, as human … Continue reading

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What should we be fighting for?

Well, with an annual income significantly below the median in Portland, that is to say 60% of the median income, (based on HUD Estimated Family Income Data for the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area in 2009), I think it’s safe to … Continue reading

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