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Congress votes tomorrow to send more weapons to ISIS and other terrorist groups

My recent comments to the President: Does the President realize that the new bill to arm Syrian rebels doesn’t exclude arming people with terrorist links?! From the article: “The bill would not exclude rebels with links to terrorist groups from … Continue reading

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One way or another, US taxpayers arm radical Islamic fighters in Syria.

I guess American taxpayers are going to arm radical Islamic fighters like ISIS one way or another. Despite our governments “fear of the weapons falling into the wrong hands”, as well as our “attempts to carefully vet the “moderate” rebels.” … Continue reading

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Obama and The U.S. government want to increase aid to the “moderate Syrian rebels”. Remember them?

This article was published quite a while ago. The Arabic script reads, “and we will continue to crush their strongholds.” It was posted on the Facebook page of Al Aqsa Brigade. Al Aqsa was a part of the “moderate” Free … Continue reading

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No News Is Good News. (Because Any News Is Bad News).

Over a month ago, the Syrian Army came to the area around our village and fought the anti-government insurgents that were terrorizing our friends and families. My nephews stayed in their home, to try to protect it from the terrorists … Continue reading

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All the news that disappeared yesterday. None of it particularly good.

Yesterday, I wrote a full summary of all the news I’d gathered about the fighting near my village. When I hit the “publish” button, everything I had written, except for the title of the post, disappeared. After I stopped crying, … Continue reading

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Nightmares every night, but my family says, “Don’t Worry.” News from the village, February 1, 2014

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