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An update and a thank you

First, the update. God bless the Syrian Arab Army! They have successfully cleared out the entire area surrounding my village and my family is safe at last! I spoke with my sister a few days ago and she sounded so … Continue reading

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No News Is Good News. (Because Any News Is Bad News).

Over a month ago, the Syrian Army came to the area around our village and fought the anti-government insurgents that were terrorizing our friends and families. My nephews stayed in their home, to try to protect it from the terrorists … Continue reading

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Nightmares every night, but my family says, “Don’t Worry.” News from the village, February 1, 2014

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So what are we waiting for?

This. This is, of course, what we’ve been waiting for all along. It’s what we fear. It’s what we knew to be inevitable.And now it’s here and now we wait. The “rebels” are in my neighborhood. That is to say, … Continue reading

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