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When I started this blog, I intended to discuss a wide variety of topics. And maybe someday I will. Lately, I find all my attention is devoted to what’s happening in my homeland, Syria. My brother and sister and their families live in our village, outside of Homs. And of course, I fear for their safety and worry about the toll the war is taking on them, especially the children. My family and everyone I know supports the Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Army. We are terrified of the so-called “rebels”. The Free Syrian Army, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front – it’s all the same to the Syrian people. They commit rape and executions. They eat the organs of their enemies and behead innocent people – not only Christians and Alawites, but Sunnis as well. They are radical Muslim extremists and they don’t want to bring democracy to Syria, only extreme Shari’a law. They want to destroy President Al Assad because his government is secular and gives women equal rights. They want to kill him and every Christian, Alawite and Shi’a man, woman and child. Syria will never have peace or freedom as long as these terrorists overrun our country. So for now, I blog about Syria. If you have questions, please ask. If you disagree with me, express your opinion. I am happy to explain why I say what I say and feel the way I do. The most important thing to me right now is that the US government stop funding, arming and training these terrorists. Only then, can the Syrian people have a chance to live again.

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    Thank you

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