About Me

When I started this blog, I intended to discuss a wide variety of topics. And then, I found all my attention devoted to the war in my homeland, Syria. Much of my family has lived in our village, outside of Homs, throughout the war. Thankfully, the war is all but over, and the majority of the Syrian people are safe again. I will, no doubt, continue to express my political opinions now and again (and again and again), but I am happy to say that I can turn my attention to a wide variety of topics, as I’d originally intended.

As a freelance writer, I recently described myself in a job pitch as “a person who’s lived in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years with a passion for writing and a passion for all things Portland. I’m a foodie, knitter, wine and beer lover, bee-keeper (yep, I said it), mead and fruit-liqueur maker, organic gardener, home-canner, hiker, biker, runner, and occasional skinny-dipper. I’ve camped all over the state, I sail a sailboat that’s moored on the Columbia (o.k., I’m the first mate), and I spend a large percentage of my time at our beach house in Seaside.

As you can see, my interests are myriad, and it’s with great pleasure that I kick off a new phase in my writing with my latest travels, and a new series I’m kicking off soon: Women I Admire.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Alena Skalova says:

    We are still waiting for the “evidence,” you spoke of sis months ago regarding Rami before the beheading. Was this BS?


    • LeilaPiazza says:

      Please speak with Rami about this. I only recently saw the responses to the post and I wrote to Rami directly. Rami and I disagree fundamentally, but I was in error about that identification and I issued an apology.


  2. Moe says:

    Thank you


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