No facts. No war.

A short update on my family and village.

Spreading confusion with facts? Or, hey, isn’t it about time for another war?

An analysis of economic and political problems in Syria before the war

A short update on my family and village.

War Criminal

Congress votes tomorrow to send more weapons to ISIS and other terrorist groups

Because today, one post just isn’t enough. Or, calling all moderate Syrian rebels.

Damascus and Baghdad: A Marine’s Syrian Education

A comment and two replies

One way or another, US taxpayers arm radical Islamic fighters in Syria.

Obama and The U.S. government want to increase aid to the “moderate Syrian rebels”. Remember them?

Oh, and another thing. Dictatorship vs Democracy.

US backed Sunni militants cross from Syria and into Iraq, causing US backed Iraqi army troops to flee.

Does democracy choose a leader through the ballot box or on the battlefield? Bashar al-Assad, re-elected President of Syria with 88.7% of the votes.

287,000,000 reasons to call or write President Obama, or your congressperson today.

More lies from Syria’s enemies.

So I guess we’re back to admitting it’s all about regime change. And they’re still doing it with our money.

Events in Several Provinces in Support of the Syrian Arab Army

Happy Independence Day, my beloved Syria! Still, we fight to maintain our freedom. New lies and the truth behind the lies.

An update and a thank you


No News Is Good News. (Because Any News Is Bad News).

Obama Threatens Syrian President with More Pressure

Massive rallies in Damascus: despite years of foreign aggression and terrorism, Syrian people support Syria Army in the face of the armed Takfiri groups

All the news that disappeared yesterday. None of it particularly good.

News about my village. February 1, 2014A Letter to My Congressional Representatives to Stop U.S. Aggression Against Syria

Nightmares every night, but my family says, “Don’t Worry.” News from the village, February 1, 2014

Let’s Be Heroes. Let’s Help Save the Syrian People.

John Kerry is full of shit… and threats. Four lies and a threat and the truth behind it all.

Lest we forget, al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA

There is NO proof that the Syrian government is responsible for the CW attack in Ghouta

Let’s stop saying that the Syrian government was firing on peaceful protesters.Citizens of Homs, “If the army leaves Homs, we will also leave Homs”


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