No facts. No war.

I have taken a long break from writing about Syria. Mostly because of my health, but also because the situation improved so much there when the U.S. government and its allies stopped trying to overthrow the Syrian government. Well, apparently they’re not finished trying to destroy Syria yet. So I wrote this letter to the editor of the Oregonian. Please read it. Please share it. And please, if you are a U.S. citizen, call the White House, your elected officials and your local papers, and tell them, “no facts, no war.”

Our government is poised to take us to war. Why? Alleged chemical weapons attacks. After reviewing dozens of media reports about chemical weapons use in Syria, including President Obama’s red line and President Trump’s bombing of Khan Sheikhoun, I have found that every single article talks about “alleged” attacks that the U.S. government “believes” occurred that they “blamed” the Syrian government for. Today’s situation is much the same. The article, “Syria war: What we know about Douma ‘chemical attack’”, published April 10, 2018 by the BBC, uses the words “allege” four times, and “believe” and “suspected” twice each. No evidence is presented, and reports about what happened come only from rebels or rebel organizations. In 2013, UN experts confirmed use of sarin in Syria, but reported, “fragments and other possible evidence have clearly been handled/moved.” Ultimately, they did not find the Syrian government responsible. In 2011, UN investigator Carla del Ponte said there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof” that REBELS had used sarin in Khan al Assal. The same team found no evidence against the Syrian government. Should we go to war over allegations and accusations? There were no weapons of mass destruction and yet we destroyed Iraq. In Syria, we are defending an organization called the Army of Islam. Is this how we want our tax dollars spent? Is this our foreign policy? War, no matter what. Please call your congressional representatives. Tell them, “no facts, no war.”


About LeilaPiazza

I am a wife and mother. I am an Orthodox Christian. I am a Syrian American with family living in Syria. I am a also a yoga teacher and freelance writer. I recently described myself in a job pitch as "a person who's lived in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years with a passion for writing and a passion for all things Portland. I'm a foodie, knitter, wine and beer lover, bee-keeper (yep, I said it), mead and fruit-liqueur maker, organic gardener, home-canner, hiker, biker, runner, and occasional skinny-dipper. I’ve camped all over the state, I sail a sailboat that’s moored on the Columbia (o.k., I'm the first mate), and I spend a large percentage of my time at our beach house in Seaside." That about sums it up.
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