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Thrift Shop Tips – Part II

In the old days, I bought many, many clothes that I ended up never wearing. They didn’t fit quite right, they had problems I didn’t notice in the store, and worst of all, more than once, I bought something that was great, only to find that it didn’t go well with anything I owned.
But those days are over! I’ve been using this system for a few years now. It’s fast, easy, and very, very successful! Continue reading

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One Dress, Three Ways

One of the most fun things about capsule wardrobing is the mixing and matching that’s possible. I swear I could reach into my closet with my eyes closed and pull out a great outfit every time! Continue reading

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How I Used Capsule Wardrobes to Organize My Closet

My capsules are so easy to see! Getting dressed is a breeze. I wear something different every day. And love everything I wear. Continue reading

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