DSW/Nordstrom Rack Roundup

Oh happy day! Nordstrom Rack opened at Cascade Station. There’s already a DSW, Target, Ross, and Dress Barn. What more could a girl ask for?! I went to DSW to return some boots, and I was pretty determined not to buy anything to take home, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do a little window shopping. There were several items I would have loved to buy, and some definite misses as well, but it was fun to see what’s out there.

We’ll start at DSW.

Hallelujah! Prince boots are back and looking fine!

I’m not sure I would wear these, as they don’t really fit my personal style, but I will be glad to see other rock this look. In my opinion, Prince elevated both music and fashion to an art form. Here are the links, from left to right:

Similar: Shein Vintage Inspired Patterned Ankle Booties

Exact: Unisa Cayzea Bootie

Similar: Steve Madden Women’s Lombard Bootie

I’m pretty dedicated to not acquiring new clothes anymore. As I mentioned in this post, How I Used Capsule Wardrobes to Organize My Closet, I have put away quite a few boxes of clothes I’m not wearing right now. My plan is to cycle those clothes into my capsules as I get tired of wearing something in my current capsule, or outwear, outgrow, or otherwise damage an existing item. Nonetheless, there is my love of all things leopard.

I have a large collection of leopard print items. You can see them all in a future post (except the bra – a girl’s got to have some secrets). So even though I have a lot of clothes, and specifically a lot of leopard print, I’m still looking for the perfect pair of leopard print flats. I’m extremely picky about shoes, which is lucky for me (and Vini), because it means I haven’t bankrupted us yet. I check in with DSW pretty often, waiting for the perfect pair at the perfect price. Here’s some of their current offerings and my opinion about them:


What I like: The print, the color, and the faux animal-skin texture.

What I don’t: The buckle! The fact that this looks more like a slipper than a shoe. Also, the black edging (again, looking very slipper-like.)

Exact: Adam Tucker…Me Too

What I like: The heel! I also like the print and the price.

What I don’t: the texture of the shoe. It’s this weird kind of fuzzy velour. Sorry. I told you I was picky.

Exact: Mix No. 6

What I like: The texture, the print, the scalloped edge, and the little heel.

What I don’t: You know, looking at this picture, I’m not sure what I don’t like. I think I’ll go back to DSW and give this one a try!

Exact: Audrey Brooke


And to wrap up the leopard print from DSW (for today…):


This isn’t a flat, clearly. It’s got a heel, and yes, I already own a pair of leopard print heels (the first leopard print item I ever bought. Right here at DSW, btw). But OMG, look at this shoe. It’s what I would call a perfect shoe. I love the curve of the heel, I love the print, the material, the cutaway at the arch, and most of all(!) the ankle strap!!! There’s a lot of excitement going on over here, in case you can’t tell.

Only one problem…It’s a shoe that’s clearly a want, not a need. Grrr. Just can’t do it. So there it sits, in all its leopard print perfection. Franco Sarto, no less – one of my favorite designers. I’m hoping I get VERY lucky, and somehow, miraculously, that shoe ends up under the Christmas tree this year. (Vini, are you reading this? Size 10.) Fingers crossed.

Exact: Franco Sarto

From Nordstrom Rack:


Here’s an example of leopard print that I truly abhor. It has a weird animal skin texture, but it looks like plastic. Ugh. What a shame.

Here’s a much better looking bootie of a similar design. No surprise, it’s Franco Sarto.



And now, on to the winners from Nordstrom Rack:


How darn cute are these?  I just love them! Burgundy balls of fur puff, and burgundy suede! Combined with a low heel and sexy curves, I think this is a beautiful shoe.

Similar: Prada



Blue suede shoes. I really love this shade, and the style is great! Cute little zipper detail up the back, too.

Exact: Kenneth Cole Reaction


Yeah. Pretty much love everything about these. Shiny AND bling-y! They’re higher than what I normally wear, but they definitely fall in the category of, “who cares? I’m buying them anyway.” Still, I’m working hard on exercising my “look but don’t touch” habit, so I admired these and moved on.

Similar: Dolce Vita (These are cute, but not as amazing as the ones up above. Just sayin’.)


I have also discovered a love of coral. These are smashing, I would love to wear these a la Audrey Hepburn – ankle pants and a fitted, fine gauge knit or print top. Couldn’t find anything similar to this shoe. If you love it, better run to Nordstrom Rack.

And one more for the road, from DSW:


Similar: Adidas Women’s Superstar Foundation

This isn’t quite what I love. What I really want is a pair like the ones Freddie Mercury was wearing at the LiveAid concert at Wembley Stadium circa 1986. This is one of the greatest concerts EVER! Additionally, Freddie Mercury is absolutely mesmerizing. Check out the shoes, but really, watch the video to enjoy this fabulous music moment.

A note to readers: There are affiliate links in this post. If you click on these links and make purchases, I will be paid a small commission. (I think. I’m not really sure I’m doing this right.) Anyway, I love all these shoes (except for the ones that I don’t, but to each his own), and I am always giving you my own personal opinions. Have a great day!

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  2. Crystal says:

    Those floral print booties! ♥♥♥


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