Leopard print – it’s my thing.

Since I started my wardrobe remodel last year, I’ve learned to mix and match with the help of capsules and to hone in on my style preferences. Preference number one? Leopard print. Don’t ask my why, I really have no idea. But for me, leopard print just resonates. I’m drawn to it. It seems to embody the idea of effortless chic. For me. I have no idea how other people feel about it.

I mentioned this to my friend, Kurumi, and she told me that middle-aged women in Osaka are famous for loving, and wearing, leopard print. So I guess I’m in good company. Additionally, I met Trixie at my friend, Katherine’s, wedding last weekend. Katherine and Billy had a DESTINATION wedding in PORTLAND! How cool is that? Anyway, on Friday night, at the meet and greet, I met Trixie. Va va voom! I am featuring her in today’s post as a woman of style because: Damn, does Trixie look fine! I love the dress. I love the coat. I LOVE the gloves. And that sassy attitude? Well, that just wraps it all up and puts a bow on it for me!


Gee whiz, I just noticed the orange silk lining. Honestly, I think this outfit is perfect in every way. And the lips and the Bettie Page hairstyle. Trixie, I tip my hat to you, my friend! I couldn’t find any coat as fabulous as Trixie’s, but here’s one that would look great worn this way, and a dress similar to the one above, to go with it, if you’re so inclined…

And as for my leopard print collection? So far, I have amassed:

Version 5

A pair of pumps from DSW. $10 on sale four years ago! Can you believe it? This was my first ever leopard print purchase. Little did I know, it was the start of a beautiful friendship! You can check them out here on my Instagram page. I was playing around with some pattern mixing. You know, if I bought a pair today, it would be this one. As mentioned previously in DSW/Nordstrom Rack Roundup, I think this Franco Sarto shoe is perfect in every way. Also,  I’m still looking for flats, and holding out for the perfect pair.


A belt from Amazon. See the exact one here. I spoke out against anything but real leather for belts on a previous post, Gotta get going. A fashion post. (I love Fall!) but in this case, I went for it. I just went into it knowing that it may be a one or two season belt at most. I love to wear this when I want a subtle pop of pattern. Another super cute belt from Amazon is this one.


A scarf, also from Amazon. See the exact one here. This scarf is nice and big. Long, and wide, it offers the ultimate in versatility. Someday, I’ll post multiple ways to tie this! The material is silky, which can pose a challenge in terms of keeping it put, but there are some great and stylish ways around that. Also, I think it’s not a super big deal. Sometimes, I tie and retie my scarf throughout the day. I think it’s one of those things you don’t need to take too seriously!

Version 3A skirt from H&M. I bought this last season. I like this skirt because I can dress it up or down, depending on my mood. I like to pair this with blush, tan, light brown, or black on top. I’m mulling over navy. I think it could work. This skirt looks equally good with high heels, boots, or booties. H&M used to be hit or miss for me, but the last year or so, it’s been mostly hits, so I’m pretty smitten! This skirt is no longer available. (Insert sad face here), but here’s a really cute skirt of a different cut, with a great zipper detail that I’d consider adding to my collection.

Version 2A fancy dress. I bought this from Dress Barn about four years ago. I stepped out of the dressing room to look in the three way mirror, and several other shoppers said, “Wow! That looks amazing on you!” So like, seriously, who’s NOT gonna buy THAT dress!? You’re gonna hear a lot more about Dress Barn from me in the future. I’m a HUGE fan. Don’t let the name discourage you. This is one of my top go-to shops, and I get compliments on their clothes EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear them. More on that later. Of course, my dress is no longer available, but here’s a great looking metallic leopard print fancy dress from BB Dakota.


Sunglasses. Yes. That’s plural. Full disclosure – I lose sunglasses like crazy! Every year, I buy three pairs. Often, I replace a pair or two through the summer. And no, buying an expensive pair would not help me keep track of them. Trust me on this. This year, I found this SUPER cool pair with the bright blue back at one of my favorite vintage shops – Red Fox Vintage. My other pair? Walgreen’s baby! Because style doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here’s a cute pair that rings in under $10!

Version 4And finally, drum roll please…. My GORGEOUS leopard print coat from New York & Company.  Another place I love to shop; New York & Company knows how to fit and flatter a woman! When I wear this coat the compliments just come pouring in! I couldn’t find a leopard print coat on their website this year, but here’s a similar coat from Via Spiga available at Nordstrom, and another, slightly pricier but even more similar one from Calvin Klein here.

If you’ve never given it a try, go ahead! What are you waiting for? Leopard print not your thing? What is? Do you have a signature style?


All my leopard print, in all it’s glory:


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