Life goes on. Thank God.

Talked to my brother and sister in Syria today. Pretty happy to get through to both of them on the same day. Doesn’t happen very often. My sister is at her in-laws right now. There’s not enough heating oil available so she and her family are staying there. The weather in Amar is much like the weather in Oregon, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Usually a little hotter and colder though. I’m thinking about how cold it is in Oregon today and how I can easily stay warm, with my virtually unlimited supply of natural gas, and worrying about whether or not they’re able to actually stay warm or just able to avoid freezing.

My niece had a son last month. I’ve been trying to call her since, but haven’t been able to get through. She lives in another village, about 45 minutes away from Amar. There’s no rebels, or foreign fighters in the valley since the army came and removed them all at the beginning of 2014, which is good. And my nephew can attend college in Homs and stay in their house in the city at night. Which is also good. Food and everything else, including electricity, continues to be sporadically available and very, very expensive. Most days, people have two to four hours electricity, if they have it at all.

I was able to send some money to my family last month after the bake sale I held. Thank you to everyone who came and bought food and shared the day with me and my friends. In the New Year I’m going to have a kibbe making class to raise money again. I’ll post details here later.

If you pray, please pray for the safety of the Syrian people and an end to the war. If you’re politically active, please continue to contact our government and demand they stop funding all fighters against the Syrian government. Demand the US stop trying to force “regime change.” Congress just approved a $585 BILLION defense bill that authorizes arming and training Syrian rebels.

If only the government of Syria can stay in power and the rebels and other fighters be defeated, Syria and her people, and my family, will have a chance to survive and live a good life again. And I’ll have a chance to go and see my family again.

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A short update on my family and village.

I haven’t posted here in awhile. I’ve been so upset about the US bombing Northern Syria, which I just see as their entry point into the country to bring down the Syrian government, their only real goal since they started and funded this war in 2011. I’ve been angry and depressed and have been avoiding US news about the airstrikes.

However, I just spoke with my sister and thought I’d give you news from my village. Everyone in my family is fine. My sister’s youngest son has started his first year at a new college in Homs. Her eldest has two boys already and this year had a daughter. My nephew posted some pictures on Facebook, so I checked them out when we were talking. She is beautiful! I didn’t get a hold of my brother today, the line was bad and we couldn’t talk, but my sister told me his daughter had her baby. She has another son now, so that’s two boys and a girl for her as well. She lives in a village about 45 minutes away, and my sister-in-law is with her and her family there. My sister says there is nothing going on in or around the village. No fighting that is. People can freely and safely travel in the area during the day, although there is a lot of crime now, so people don’t travel the roads at night. Everything is very expensive and the money continues to devalue. Before the war, the exchange rate held steady for many years, at 50 lire to 1 dollar US. During the war, that increased to 120-140 lire to a dollar. It has gone up again to 200 lire to a dollar. This last increase came when the US government started bombing northern Syria. People are tired of the war and the difficulties of life there, but my family is doing well and they all still believe that the Syrian government and army will win the war and they will be able to rebuild their lives. This is not propaganda. This is what my family believes. Of course I worry because I know the US government doesn’t like to take no for an answer, but I pray that somehow, the US government will stop this horrible plan to destory Syria and place radical Muslims in power and my family will be able to rebuild their lives and I will be able to take my children there again and stay for the summer and enjoy the peace and safety that I knew before.

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War Criminal

It’s time for the American people to speak up. This is our money and this is what they’re doing with it.

Friends of Syria


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Congress votes tomorrow to send more weapons to ISIS and other terrorist groups

My recent comments to the President:

Does the President realize that the new bill to arm Syrian rebels doesn’t exclude arming people with terrorist links?!

From the article: “The bill would not exclude rebels with links to terrorist groups from participating in the program, since that would make it difficult to recruit trainees, the aide said.”

If we can’t find recruits without ties to terrorist organizations, doesn’t that mean the Syrian government was right to say their country is being attacked by terrorists?

I’m Syrian-American. As a Syrian, I want to say, stop destroying Syria. Bashar Al Assad is the president of Syria, the US has no right to depose him.

Just like Iraq, the US government has lied about Syria and President Al Assad. They have lied about the chemical weapons and the Syrian army attacking civilians to justify their attempts to overthrow a sovereign government and nation. President Al Assad is a good president and has the support of the majority of the Syrian people.

As an American taxpayer, I want to say, stop arming radical terrorists or fighters linked to them! Anyone in our government who arms these people is a traitor to this country. The long term goal of these people is to attack and destroy America.

Please call your congressional representatives today, and the president. The vote is set for Wednesday, September 17. Send this link to all your contacts. This is our money and they’re using it to arm people who want to destroy America. It’s up to us to stop them.

That’s the Capitol building in the photo below. It came from a Facebook page of the Al Aqsa Brigade, a division of the Free Syrian Army, the group our government keeps calling “moderate.”


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160 – 0. Where are the U.S. government calls for Netanyahu to step down?

“Ignoring international appeals for a cease-fire, Israel widened its range of Gaza bombing targets Saturday to include civilian institutions with suspected Hamas ties. One strike hit a center for the disabled, killing two patients and wounding four people. In a second attack, an Israeli warplane flattened the home of Gaza police chief Taysir al-Batsh and damaged a nearby mosque as evening prayers ended, killing at least 18 people, 17 of whom were al-Batsh family members. Fifty were wounded, including al-Batsh himself.”

At the beginning of protests in Syria, the US government and others called for Bashar Al Assad to step down because some protesters were killed. This despite the fact that some of these “peaceful protesters” had killed civilians and policeman at the very earliest rallies.

Palestinian rocket fire has killed ZERO Israelis. ZERO. And yet, Benjamin Netanyahu has killed 160 Palestinians with airstrikes and the airstrikes continue. In defiance of calls for “restraint,” Netanyahu has stated that the attacks will continue until he has decided they are done.

Where are the calls for his resignation? The hypocrisy is sickening.

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Because today, one post just isn’t enough. Or, calling all moderate Syrian rebels.

I just reposted a blog from a US citizen who has spent a lot of time in Syria and had a clear understanding of life there before the war. I opened wordpress today to post a different blog, and so I am posting again. See if you don’t have a few minutes to read both. The first was thoughtful and informative. This one is humorous, but makes its own important point.

The serious side of this post is that I saw this article on the same day I saw a friend’s post on Facebook, showing “moderate Syrian rebels” executing three men by pouring gasoline over them, then pushing them into a grave with a lit fire in it. I won’t post that video. It’s horrific. But I will post this article from the New Yorker, featuring a satirical questionnaire for vetting “moderate Syrian rebels,” to be used by the United States government in determining who should receive $500 million worth of United States taxpayer supplied weapons. Perhaps we could save a few million by sending over lighter fluid and matches instead.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—After announcing, on Thursday, that it would seek $500 million to help “train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the moderate Syrian armed opposition,” the White House today posted the following Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form:

Welcome to the United States’ Moderate Syrian Rebel Vetting Process. To see if you qualify for $500 million in American weapons, please choose an answer to the following questions:

As a Syrian rebel, I think the word or phrase that best describes me is: 
A) Moderate
B) Very moderate
C) Crazy moderate
D) Other

I became a Syrian rebel because I believe in:
A) Truth
B) Justice
C) The American Way
D) Creating an Islamic caliphate

If I were given a highly lethal automatic weapon by the United States, I would:
A) Only kill exactly the people that the United States wanted me to kill
B) Try to kill the right people, with the caveat that I have never used an automatic weapon before
C) Kill people only after submitting them to a rigorous vetting process
D) Immediately let the weapon fall into the wrong hands

I have previously received weapons from:
A) Al Qaeda
B) The Taliban
C) North Korea
D) I did not receive weapons from any of them because after they vetted me I was deemed way too moderate

I consider ISIS:
A) An existential threat to Iraq
B) An existential threat to Syria
C) An existential threat to Iraq and Syria
D) The people who will pick up my American weapon after I drop it and run away

Complete the following sentence. “American weapons are…”
A) Always a good thing to randomly add to any international hot spot
B) Exactly what this raging civil war has been missing for the past three years
C) Best when used moderately
D) Super easy to resell online

Thank you for completing the Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form. We will process your application in the next one to two business days. Please indicate a current mailing address where you would like your weapons to be sent. If there is no one to sign for them we will leave them outside the front door.

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Damascus and Baghdad: A Marine’s Syrian Education

Here is a Westerner with a completely accurate grasp of Syrian society before the war. These words mirror everything I have said about the pluralistic nature of Syria and my Iraqi friends have said the same about Iraq. The US government and press tell us what they want us to believe about Syria and other foreign countries. Talk to a Syrian or Iraqi immigrant and ask them about their countries (there’s a lot of new immigrants around). Ask them to tell you about life in their countries before the wars. When you start to see just how much you’re being lied to about things like lifestyle and religious beliefs, you may come to realize that our government is lying about other things as well…WMDs, chemical weapons, “rebels” and “radicals”. Our government demonizes foreign leaders and sells the “poor, oppressed people,” and “religious sectarian divides” to justify spending billions of US tax dollars on US made weapons, destroying sovereign nations with a high quality of life. We’re not saving or freeing anyone. We’re just transferring more wealth to the already obscenely wealthy. But then hey, that’s what our politicians have been hired to do.

Levant Report

My article written for Foreign Policy Journal (6/26/14).

FP JOURNAL– Last week, Sami Ramadani undertook the urgent task of giving Western audiences a history lesson on the supposed entrenched sectarian violence of modern Iraq. His The Sectarian Myth of Iraq, written for The Guardian, sends a message rarely acknowledged in the English speaking world: “We coexisted peacefully for centuries, and need neither brutal dictators nor western intervention.”

He explodes the illusion that Iraq and the Middle East in general is but a cauldron of historically rooted Shia-Sunni sectarian animosities, and that the current crisis is reducible to the region’s supposedly incurable religious violence—a mentality that has become a truism in the media and foreign policy establishment. This misperception spills over into common American discourse as the simplistic “Arabs hate each other,” or “this is a centuries old religious conflict.” But Ramadani’s point is proven by his wealth…

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