Airport fashion. It’s a thing. 

The fabulous Anthony Leroux. A terrific stylist based in Phoenix, I met Anthony while returning home from a visit with my folks. He caught my eye because my son, and then my daughter, had both bought thrifted wool, camel-colored coats in the last couple of weeks. Are the young and hip embracing the camel coat right now? Good for them. It’s a timeless classic and I love to see the different ways they’re styling it.

“Can I take your picture for my blog?” I asked him. “I love your coat!” It took me five minutes to get up the nerve to ask. And it was my very first ask ever. For sure it won’t be my last. Anthony’s friend, fashion stylist, Danni Ordonez, based right here in Portland, Oregon, was picking him up. And so I happily met Anthony and Danni and made two new friends! Fashion blogging – bringing us all together.


Click on the link above and check out Anthony’s work. Seriously high style. You can also follow him on Instagram @aconsciousaesthetic.

You can read an article about Danni here. Full disclosure – there is some nudity in the pics in this article. The article is published in Nakid magazine. I think the photos are beautiful, edgy, and packed with style! You can also follow her on Instagram @synethetes. I highly recommend checking her out. See if you can find the photo I referred to as “Amy Winehouse meets Amy Sedaris.”

Update from Anthony: “If you’d like, I can send over the details for my outfit so you can list it on your blog.” Me: “That’d be great!”

  • Fedora: Brixton, here
  • Shirt: Lagerfeld X Terminator  from Tupakra SS2018 Collection   @YOHVNIS
  • Jeans: YSL, similar
  • Blue Suede Boots: Topman, similar
  • Scarf: Mango, gift from Paris, similar
  • Camel Coat: Banana Republic (thrifted for $6), similar (Forever 21 for the win!)

#airportfashion #airportstyle #fashionforthepeople #anthonylerouxstyling #fashionblogger #synethetes #camelcoat

A note to readers: There are affiliate links in this post. If you click on these links and make purchases, I will be paid a small commission. I only promote or recommend what I sincerely adore. Thank you for reading!

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Leopard print – it’s my thing.

Since I started my wardrobe remodel last year, I’ve learned to mix and match with the help of capsules and to hone in on my style preferences. Preference number one? Leopard print. Don’t ask my why, I really have no idea. But for me, leopard print just resonates. I’m drawn to it. It seems to embody the idea of effortless chic. For me. I have no idea how other people feel about it.

I mentioned this to my friend, Kurumi, and she told me that middle-aged women in Osaka are famous for loving, and wearing, leopard print. So I guess I’m in good company. Additionally, I met Trixie at my friend, Katherine’s, wedding last weekend. Katherine and Billy had a DESTINATION wedding in PORTLAND! How cool is that? Anyway, on Friday night, at the meet and greet, I met Trixie. Va va voom! I am featuring her in today’s post as a woman of style because: Damn, does Trixie look fine! I love the dress. I love the coat. I LOVE the gloves. And that sassy attitude? Well, that just wraps it all up and puts a bow on it for me!


Gee whiz, I just noticed the orange silk lining. Honestly, I think this outfit is perfect in every way. And the lips and the Bettie Page hairstyle. Trixie, I tip my hat to you, my friend! I couldn’t find any coat as fabulous as Trixie’s, but here’s one that would look great worn this way, and a dress similar to the one above, to go with it, if you’re so inclined…

And as for my leopard print collection? So far, I have amassed:

Version 5

A pair of pumps from DSW. $10 on sale four years ago! Can you believe it? This was my first ever leopard print purchase. Little did I know, it was the start of a beautiful friendship! You can check them out here on my Instagram page. I was playing around with some pattern mixing. You know, if I bought a pair today, it would be this one. As mentioned previously in DSW/Nordstrom Rack Roundup, I think this Franco Sarto shoe is perfect in every way. Also,  I’m still looking for flats, and holding out for the perfect pair.


A belt from Amazon. See the exact one here. I spoke out against anything but real leather for belts on a previous post, Gotta get going. A fashion post. (I love Fall!) but in this case, I went for it. I just went into it knowing that it may be a one or two season belt at most. I love to wear this when I want a subtle pop of pattern. Another super cute belt from Amazon is this one.


A scarf, also from Amazon. See the exact one here. This scarf is nice and big. Long, and wide, it offers the ultimate in versatility. Someday, I’ll post multiple ways to tie this! The material is silky, which can pose a challenge in terms of keeping it put, but there are some great and stylish ways around that. Also, I think it’s not a super big deal. Sometimes, I tie and retie my scarf throughout the day. I think it’s one of those things you don’t need to take too seriously!

Version 3A skirt from H&M. I bought this last season. I like this skirt because I can dress it up or down, depending on my mood. I like to pair this with blush, tan, light brown, or black on top. I’m mulling over navy. I think it could work. This skirt looks equally good with high heels, boots, or booties. H&M used to be hit or miss for me, but the last year or so, it’s been mostly hits, so I’m pretty smitten! This skirt is no longer available. (Insert sad face here), but here’s a really cute skirt of a different cut, with a great zipper detail that I’d consider adding to my collection.

Version 2A fancy dress. I bought this from Dress Barn about four years ago. I stepped out of the dressing room to look in the three way mirror, and several other shoppers said, “Wow! That looks amazing on you!” So like, seriously, who’s NOT gonna buy THAT dress!? You’re gonna hear a lot more about Dress Barn from me in the future. I’m a HUGE fan. Don’t let the name discourage you. This is one of my top go-to shops, and I get compliments on their clothes EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear them. More on that later. Of course, my dress is no longer available, but here’s a great looking metallic leopard print fancy dress from BB Dakota.


Sunglasses. Yes. That’s plural. Full disclosure – I lose sunglasses like crazy! Every year, I buy three pairs. Often, I replace a pair or two through the summer. And no, buying an expensive pair would not help me keep track of them. Trust me on this. This year, I found this SUPER cool pair with the bright blue back at one of my favorite vintage shops – Red Fox Vintage. My other pair? Walgreen’s baby! Because style doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here’s a cute pair that rings in under $10!

Version 4And finally, drum roll please…. My GORGEOUS leopard print coat from New York & Company.  Another place I love to shop; New York & Company knows how to fit and flatter a woman! When I wear this coat the compliments just come pouring in! I couldn’t find a leopard print coat on their website this year, but here’s a similar coat from Via Spiga available at Nordstrom, and another, slightly pricier but even more similar one from Calvin Klein here.

If you’ve never given it a try, go ahead! What are you waiting for? Leopard print not your thing? What is? Do you have a signature style?


All my leopard print, in all it’s glory:


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DSW/Nordstrom Rack Roundup

Oh happy day! Nordstrom Rack opened at Cascade Station. There’s already a DSW, Target, Ross, and Dress Barn. What more could a girl ask for?! I went to DSW to return some boots, and I was pretty determined not to buy anything to take home, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do a little window shopping. There were several items I would have loved to buy, and some definite misses as well, but it was fun to see what’s out there.

We’ll start at DSW.

Hallelujah! Prince boots are back and looking fine!

I’m not sure I would wear these, as they don’t really fit my personal style, but I will be glad to see other rock this look. In my opinion, Prince elevated both music and fashion to an art form. Here are the links, from left to right:

Similar: Shein Vintage Inspired Patterned Ankle Booties

Exact: Unisa Cayzea Bootie

Similar: Steve Madden Women’s Lombard Bootie

I’m pretty dedicated to not acquiring new clothes anymore. As I mentioned in this post, How I Used Capsule Wardrobes to Organize My Closet, I have put away quite a few boxes of clothes I’m not wearing right now. My plan is to cycle those clothes into my capsules as I get tired of wearing something in my current capsule, or outwear, outgrow, or otherwise damage an existing item. Nonetheless, there is my love of all things leopard.

I have a large collection of leopard print items. You can see them all in a future post (except the bra – a girl’s got to have some secrets). So even though I have a lot of clothes, and specifically a lot of leopard print, I’m still looking for the perfect pair of leopard print flats. I’m extremely picky about shoes, which is lucky for me (and Vini), because it means I haven’t bankrupted us yet. I check in with DSW pretty often, waiting for the perfect pair at the perfect price. Here’s some of their current offerings and my opinion about them:


What I like: The print, the color, and the faux animal-skin texture.

What I don’t: The buckle! The fact that this looks more like a slipper than a shoe. Also, the black edging (again, looking very slipper-like.)

Exact: Adam Tucker…Me Too

What I like: The heel! I also like the print and the price.

What I don’t: the texture of the shoe. It’s this weird kind of fuzzy velour. Sorry. I told you I was picky.

Exact: Mix No. 6

What I like: The texture, the print, the scalloped edge, and the little heel.

What I don’t: You know, looking at this picture, I’m not sure what I don’t like. I think I’ll go back to DSW and give this one a try!

Exact: Audrey Brooke


And to wrap up the leopard print from DSW (for today…):


This isn’t a flat, clearly. It’s got a heel, and yes, I already own a pair of leopard print heels (the first leopard print item I ever bought. Right here at DSW, btw). But OMG, look at this shoe. It’s what I would call a perfect shoe. I love the curve of the heel, I love the print, the material, the cutaway at the arch, and most of all(!) the ankle strap!!! There’s a lot of excitement going on over here, in case you can’t tell.

Only one problem…It’s a shoe that’s clearly a want, not a need. Grrr. Just can’t do it. So there it sits, in all its leopard print perfection. Franco Sarto, no less – one of my favorite designers. I’m hoping I get VERY lucky, and somehow, miraculously, that shoe ends up under the Christmas tree this year. (Vini, are you reading this? Size 10.) Fingers crossed.

Exact: Franco Sarto

From Nordstrom Rack:


Here’s an example of leopard print that I truly abhor. It has a weird animal skin texture, but it looks like plastic. Ugh. What a shame.

Here’s a much better looking bootie of a similar design. No surprise, it’s Franco Sarto.



And now, on to the winners from Nordstrom Rack:


How darn cute are these?  I just love them! Burgundy balls of fur puff, and burgundy suede! Combined with a low heel and sexy curves, I think this is a beautiful shoe.

Similar: Prada



Blue suede shoes. I really love this shade, and the style is great! Cute little zipper detail up the back, too.

Exact: Kenneth Cole Reaction


Yeah. Pretty much love everything about these. Shiny AND bling-y! They’re higher than what I normally wear, but they definitely fall in the category of, “who cares? I’m buying them anyway.” Still, I’m working hard on exercising my “look but don’t touch” habit, so I admired these and moved on.

Similar: Dolce Vita (These are cute, but not as amazing as the ones up above. Just sayin’.)


I have also discovered a love of coral. These are smashing, I would love to wear these a la Audrey Hepburn – ankle pants and a fitted, fine gauge knit or print top. Couldn’t find anything similar to this shoe. If you love it, better run to Nordstrom Rack.

And one more for the road, from DSW:


Similar: Adidas Women’s Superstar Foundation

This isn’t quite what I love. What I really want is a pair like the ones Freddie Mercury was wearing at the LiveAid concert at Wembley Stadium circa 1986. This is one of the greatest concerts EVER! Additionally, Freddie Mercury is absolutely mesmerizing. Check out the shoes, but really, watch the video to enjoy this fabulous music moment.

A note to readers: There are affiliate links in this post. If you click on these links and make purchases, I will be paid a small commission. (I think. I’m not really sure I’m doing this right.) Anyway, I love all these shoes (except for the ones that I don’t, but to each his own), and I am always giving you my own personal opinions. Have a great day!

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Six Things I Love About Caffe Destino

fullsizeoutput_1b41. Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the gal that took my order. She’s number one because she was so warm and friendly! She agonized a bit over getting my chai latte just right. Anyone who cares that much about my chai latte gets a 10/10 from me. She also wore a great outfit. A combination of sweet, old-fashioned and modern sassy. Here she is with her “Nasty Women Keep Fighting” t-shirt, and totally retro apron.

2. Art. They have local art on display. In fact, I came to Caffe Destino to check out the art. My friend, Ursula McCabe, is the artist in question. Her show ran through the end of October. Our interview is the first in my series, “Women I Admire,” coming soon, right here at O.K. Look, Here’s the Deal. She does beautiful animal watercolors. Here are a few from this show. There’s a little glare in these photos. I did my best to edit it out, but it’s particularly noticeable on the swan’s wing below. I posted it anyway because it’s so very beautiful.

fullsizeoutput_1ae3. Food from scratch. They make everything from scratch, “except the bagels and English muffins,” said Elizabeth. No quarrel here – bagels and English muffins are extremely time consuming. I broke my no-sugar habit to indulge in a lemon poppy seed scone. It’s one of the best I’ve ever eaten – light and flaky, lemony, and not too sweet. Stop eating sugar for a few months and you, too, will prefer things to be very lightly sweet. Absolutely delicious!

fullsizeoutput_1ab4. A great soundtrack. I didn’t realize it at first, but as I was sitting and sipping my latte and blogging away, I was also singing along. Loggins and Messina, Elton John, Tom Petty…works for me.

5. Friendly patrons. I was listening to the gal behind me sing along to a song, and I mentioned the awesome soundtrack. We struck up a conversation that spanned a half an hour. That may be more connection than you’re craving at a coffeehouse, but it’s nice to know there’s such a friendly vibe. I told her I came from a couple miles north and she told me she’d come all the way from Belmont because she loves Caffe Destino so much!


6. Bomb-ass breakfast. My friend, Debbie, arrived the next day and promptly said, “let’s go to that coffeehouse you posted from yesterday.” So, we ordered breakfast and there were many good options. I had the Greek breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, feta, tomato, onion, and olive tapenade. Debbie had the two egg breakfast with home fries. I remembered to take a photo of Deb’s breakfast before she dug in. My sandwich didn’t last long enough. We split a scone with jam, which was, yes, homemade and delicious. The portions were generous enough for me to take half my meal home to Vini.


IMG_20171020_140141_934    fullsizeoutput_1b2

So glad I launched my Travel plans! I’m having a blast exploring Portland as if it were all new to me. It’s amazing how many great places I’ve never been in my many years here. I’ve finally decided to be one of those people who sits at a coffee house and blogs, rather than sitting alone at home. Caffe Destino is one of my top picks!


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How I Used Capsule Wardrobes to Organize My Closet

A little over a year ago, I discovered the magic of the capsule wardrobe. You may be familiar with this concept, but in case you’re not, here’s a quick explanation. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to create a small collection of clothes that mix and match so well together, that you only need a minimal amount of clothing to create a wardrobe with a wide variety of looks. My previous blog post, Gotta get going. A fashion post. (I love Fall!), gave a great example of how capsule wardrobes have helped me spiff it up a bit.

A popular capsule wardrobe concept is Project 333. The idea is to wear only 33 items for 3 months. I loved the idea, but it seemed a little too restrictive to me, so I came up with my own system. When I first organized my fall wardrobe this year, I set up four mini capsules and cycled through them each day. This system gave me a great deal of variety and allowed me to use different color schemes, yet it was still easy to choose an outfit. The smaller wardrobes limited my choices enough, while still giving me plenty of options.

After a couple of weeks, though, I realized I wasn’t really satisfied. I still had too many clothes in my closet. I also realized that I had some items in my capsules that I really didn’t want to wear on a daily basis, but I still access to them. My closet should have been neat and tidy, and my options should have been easy to see at a glance. Instead, my closed looked like this mess you see here.

Seriously, yikes. Then I read an article published by Fashion Magazine called, “You’re Doing the ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ Wrong.” Which began: “People of the Internet, listen up: enough with your bloated versions of the “capsule” wardrobe. You keep saying that word; I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

So yeah. I had to admit, I was doing the bloated version. And I wasn’t really getting what I wanted out of it! I figured out that I was trying to create capsules that would serve ALL my dressing needs. That works for some people. If your life is very casual, you may use leggings for a workout and then for a going-out-to-lunch outfit another day. Maybe you get up every morning and put on your work clothes, and then wear them all day, until bedtime.

In my life, I need different kinds of clothes, or maybe I should say different categories. I read this in Project 333: “These items are not counted as part of the 33 items – wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout).” Once I stopped trying to fit ALL my clothing needs into my capsules, I was able to organize my closet in a way that really made sense. I cut my four “mini” capsules in half, leaving me with just two, and I eliminated many of the pieces that “bloated” my capsules until I was down to just 18 in each, for a total of 36 items. And I organized and acknowledged my other clothing categories to meet my other dressing needs. Not a bad days work.

Here are my clothing categories:

  1. Pajamas. I have very specific pajama needs. Shorts and a tank top. I used to sleep in sexy nighties (THAT was a long time ago). Then it was flannel pjs as I got older and colder. Brrr. Then came menopause! Now I sleep hot. So summer, winter, spring, and fall, it’s short and a tank top for this gal! The lesson here: know your needs, and meet them.
  2. Schlubby wear. AKA scrubs, sweats, couch potato attire. For days when I’m shclubbin’, chillaxing, or otherwise lying like broccoli. This category includes a couple pairs of sweats, some old tees, and a few oversized, warm, cozy sweatshirts and sweaters. Remember, not every day is a capsule day.
  3. Yoga and running gear. Easy peasy. Yoga pants and a few workout tanks. A couple of Under Armour tops for warmth. A note about the yoga pants. I have been buying mine at Fred Meyer for quite a long time. They’re affordable (usually in the $30 – $40 range), comfortable, and flattering, and they last a LONG time. As someone who does yoga daily, that really means something.
  4. My daily wardrobe. This is where the capsules come in. I may wake up in pajamas, schlub my way through the morning, and then hit the park for a run, (or run my morning vinyasas – sun salutations make me happy!), but eventually, I shower, change and get going on my day (most days). So post shower, this is where I go.
  5. Construction-wear. This is for the days when I’m working on a project. This may include, but is not limited to: building a greenhouse, replacing a window, or cutting a hole in a wall. (That’s my next planned project. Hey, Vini. It’s happening.) Clearly, these clothes are old. And stained. And probably torn.
  6. Special occasion, “fancy” wear. This is the category that was messing with my capsules the most. I need them in my closet, but I don’t necessary want to wear these items on a daily basis. This includes clothes for church on Sunday, or date nights with Vini.  Now that the kids are grown, I’m happy to say, there’s a lot more romance these days. (Ooh la la.)

So, problem solved. I set aside space for clothes to meet all of the above needs, including my two capsules for every day use. I could have made one capsule – 36 pieces in all, but I was really interested in keeping each days’ choices to a minimum. I found it easier to create two separate capsules, 18 pieces each, as follows:

  •  three bottoms
  • eight tops
  • three toppers
  • four pairs of shoes

In addition to the section of “fancy” clothes, I also have a section of “fancy” shoes. I find that basic shoe styles in basic colors work best for capsule-wear. But gosh darn it, I LOVE shoes. And I’m just not willing to live without my leopard print pumps, burgundy suede heels, blue leather wooden wedges…you get the idea. I feel the same about my other accessories. I don’t limit them to specific capsules, but I have limited the TOTAL number of purses, scarves, and jewelry in my closet. I like the number four here. Again, it allows for variety without creating chaos or decision paralysis. Can you believe this? One blogger wrote, “Purses. You only need one.” Maybe SHE only needs one. I need four. Day in and day out, I lean on my capsule clothes, but when the mood strikes, my fancy clothes are ready and waiting.

Now my closet looks like this:


Ah, neat and tidy!

And my capsules?

My capsules are so easy to see! Getting dressed is a breeze. I wear something different every day. And love everything I wear. And the overflow? What I love went into storage. When I’m ready for a change, I have many other options to swap in. No shopping necessary. What I don’t love will go to someone who will. And the empty hangers? Anyone need hangers?

How do you keep your closet organized? Do you capsule wardrobe or do you have another system?

One last thing. One of the joys of blogging is the discovery of other peoples’ blogs. I’d love to refer you to Courtney Carver at BeMoreWithLess. Courtney writes about simplifying; not only our closets, but our lives. The more I grow in life, the more I want to let go. There’s a wealth of great information and ideas here, so check it out!


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Gotta get going. A fashion post. (I love Fall!)

“Gotta get going. Where we going? What’re we gonna do?” That’s an old song my mom used to sing to us at the beginning of every road trip. But where are WE going? Well, we’ve been going nowhere fast lately, as a result of my inability to finish and publish a blog post these days. I want to write about my wardrobe and some recent changes I made, but I keep having trouble narrowing it all down to a consumable post. Here’s a quickie, so I can at least put something up on the board!

I wore this outfit the other day, and it felt like the first day of Fall to me. I know “fall” shouldn’t be capitalized, but as far as fashion goes, I feel like Fall is a superstar, so, you know…

Here’s the outfit:


Here’s why I love this outfit:

  1. I think it’s so cute and I felt really put together.
  2. Everything I was wearing was super comfy.
  3. I had just finished reorganizing my closet and was excited to quickly and easily put this look together.

What I’m wearing

T-shirt from Target’s Merona line. I love their t-shirt selections. They have several different styles, they’re inexpensive, and so far, they’ve lasted two years. This t-shirt is very soft and comfortable, launders well, and has a great drape. Also, I love the vaguely French-girl vibe.

My friend Luciana

My dear friend, Luciana. (photo credit: Jane Keating)

Zip-up cardigan from Luciana Proano. Luciana is not a fashion designer. She’s one of my closest friends. She’s also a yoga teacher, dancer, musician, and glass-maker (among many other things). See: InkaJam. Basically, she’s a Renaissance woman. This ribbed, rust-colored cardigan was her father’s. I never met him, but from all accounts, he was an amazing man. This is one of my favorite pieces, for obvious reasons.

Cabi flare-leg jeans. This is my favorite pair of jeans, hands down. Again, super comfy (my number one criteria for anything), great fitting and great looking. Cabi is what I consider to be an expensive brand. I paid over $100 for these jeans (I hope my husband doesn’t see this post). I bought them at my friend, Paige’s, Cabi party. Full disclosure: I had a little tiff with Vini right before the party, so I pretty much went crazy and bought four items for over $200! I’ve never before, or since, spent that much money on clothes. But, don’t cha know, they ended up being some of the best clothes I own. I have since discovered ThredUp, and now I get some great deals on Cabi clothes.

fullsizeoutput_fbThe tennie-runners are Clark’s. Another favorite of mine! They’re all so comfortable! I’m not loving how droopy the shoelaces look in this picture, but that’s just me being picky. These shoes are grey and black with some mesh material. They were a total impulse purchase, but one I’m glad I made. They’re a core part of my wardrobe now. I bought them the same place I buy ALL my shoes these days – DSW. How did I survive before DSW? They’re really the best, best, best! I’m only recently paying any attention at all to my clothing, but I’ve loved shoes for as long as I can remember. Shoes are ART!


Cute scarf, loose belt!

Accessories. Yes, I wear accessories these days. They just take the whole thing up a notch. Don’t you think? The scarf is a vintage scarf that I bought for three dollars a couple of years ago at a secondhand store. If you, like me, suffer sticker shock in resale stores these days, aim for the scarf section. They’re usually a steal. This one is a graphic print in classic fall colors.

The belt is a plain, black leather belt from Fred Meyer. Yes, Freddie’s. They have a pretty great selection of clothes and accessories these days. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, I think you should.

One more thing. Leather. Let me tell you, I’m a fan of buying things on the cheap whenever possible. But belts that aren’t made of genuine leather are a complete waste of money, in my opinion. They just don’t last. Only other comment I have to make about this belt is: Woot! Woot! It’s too loose! I need to punch another hole in it to make it fit better. Gotta love that!

What do you think? Am I figuring it out? I’ve hit the ripe, old age of forty-eight, and finally threw off my daily yoga pant/tank top wardrobe. This whole fashion thing is new to me. What do you love about fall fashion this year? Any great finds you’d care to share? (I like to remind people – there’s a place to comment at the very bottom of this page. And you don’t need to provide ANY personal information AT ALL! Thanks for stopping by).


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How’s Your Week Been? Poke at Boke, Sailing on the Water, and Jazz at Nonna.

How’s your week been? Have you done anything fun yet? I sure hope so. I was reviewing my Travel Oregon plan, which basically involves me having fun on a regular basis. I wanted to check in with myself and see if I’m reaching any of my goals, and I’m glad to say that today, I achieved three (!) of them. Three in one day. Woot woot! (If you haven’t seen my list, you can check it out on my Travel page.)

And as for today’s adventure? First, I met my daughter, Maddy, at Boke Bowl for a Poke Bowl (seriously). Then, I went sailing with the family and Maddy’s boyfriend, Jeff. Finally, I went to Nonna with Vini to hear Rebecca Kilgore, Randy Porter, and Tom Wakeling. (For those of you who don’t know, Vini is my husband, Peter’s, nickname.)

Even though I’ve eaten at Boke Bowl before, it was only once, at least three years ago, so I’m calling it a “new” experience. In fact, the last time I was there, I went for the ramen and they had a very limited menu. This time, the food I ate was brand new on the menu, and the menu has been greatly expanded!


I just love delicious, healthy food!

The Poke Bowl was made of cold ramen noodles, arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and of course, poke (marinated raw tuna, pronounced “po-kay”). If you’ve been to Hawaii, you probably know how good poke is. If not, I would definitely recommend trying this dish. It was light but filling, and very tasty. It’s seasoned with an Asian inspired vinaigrette, and Maddy and I added some soy sauce and togarashi table-side. We also ordered a trio of buns, which were little folded pockets of steamed dough (similar to char siu bao at a dim sum place).

20170927_151659Ours were filled with beef brisket and Asian slaw; pork belly with pickled veggies and hoisin sauce; and fried (!) chicken with a mustard aioli. All in all, I’d have to say, “yummy, yummy, yum yum!”

Later that afternoon, we took what will most likely be our final sail of the season. Now I realize you might be thinking, “how can sailing count? It’s not like the rest of us can just head out for a sail…,” but here’s the thing. 20170927_181932 2You totally can. If you know us, and you’re in the Portland area, all you gotta do is let us know you’re into it. Then, when we go sailing in the future, we’ll give you a call and you can come along. Seriously. We love sailing with our friends. Consider yourself invited!


Maddy is a dragonfly magnet.

Finally, Vini and I hit Nonna for some nosh and jazz. Two of my favorite things! If you go to Nonna, here are some of the things I recommend:

The Fauxloma – a new, non-alcoholic drink concocted by our bartender that includes grapefruit juice, peach syrup, lime, salt, and club soda. It was barely sweet, tangy, and delicious! The shrimp fritters – crispy on the outside and shrimpy on the inside, with a luscious garlic aioli.nonna's charcuterie The charcuterie board – different every time. Always good. The burrata – served with heirloom tomatoes and a mess of baby greens with balsamic reduction. It was at once, silky, rich, and bright. Really a nice balance of flavors.

Becky KilgoreThe jazz was spectacular – natch. Becky Kilgore, is of course, a wonderful vocalist. I loved her set lists too! Some great, familiar classics, but also, some songs I’d never heard before, which is always a treat. No need to mention how terrific Randy Porter is on piano, but I’ll mention it anyway. He’s such a great soloist, and he’s one of those guys that just makes it all look so easy! Finally, I’m giving a shout out to Tom Wakeling, whom I’ve known for a very, very long time, and also whom I forget is a really great bass player! I used to hear Tom play with the Kicks Band back in the day. There isn’t always a lot of solo time for the bassist in a big band. So, Tom, I wanna say, I really enjoyed hearing you play tonight and you blew some great solos, man!

Seriously, people, get out of the house! There are so many amazing, fabulous, fun things to do here! Anywhere special you like to go? Let me know! I love suggestions. In the meantime, think about coming down to Ronnie’s jam at the Prime Rib on Sandy Boulevard, Sunday night, October 1. That’s my next planned outing. Hope I see you there…

And here, for your listening pleasure, is a little snippet of “Them There Eyes.”

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