Because today, one post just isn’t enough. Or, calling all moderate Syrian rebels.

I just reposted a blog from a US citizen who has spent a lot of time in Syria and had a clear understanding of life there before the war. I opened wordpress today to post a different blog, and so I am posting again. See if you don’t have a few minutes to read both. The first was thoughtful and informative. This one is humorous, but makes its own important point.

The serious side of this post is that I saw this article on the same day I saw a friend’s post on Facebook, showing “moderate Syrian rebels” executing three men by pouring gasoline over them, then pushing them into a grave with a lit fire in it. I won’t post that video. It’s horrific. But I will post this article from the New Yorker, featuring a satirical questionnaire for vetting “moderate Syrian rebels,” to be used by the United States government in determining who should receive $500 million worth of United States taxpayer supplied weapons. Perhaps we could save a few million by sending over lighter fluid and matches instead.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—After announcing, on Thursday, that it would seek $500 million to help “train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the moderate Syrian armed opposition,” the White House today posted the following Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form:

Welcome to the United States’ Moderate Syrian Rebel Vetting Process. To see if you qualify for $500 million in American weapons, please choose an answer to the following questions:

As a Syrian rebel, I think the word or phrase that best describes me is: 
A) Moderate
B) Very moderate
C) Crazy moderate
D) Other

I became a Syrian rebel because I believe in:
A) Truth
B) Justice
C) The American Way
D) Creating an Islamic caliphate

If I were given a highly lethal automatic weapon by the United States, I would:
A) Only kill exactly the people that the United States wanted me to kill
B) Try to kill the right people, with the caveat that I have never used an automatic weapon before
C) Kill people only after submitting them to a rigorous vetting process
D) Immediately let the weapon fall into the wrong hands

I have previously received weapons from:
A) Al Qaeda
B) The Taliban
C) North Korea
D) I did not receive weapons from any of them because after they vetted me I was deemed way too moderate

I consider ISIS:
A) An existential threat to Iraq
B) An existential threat to Syria
C) An existential threat to Iraq and Syria
D) The people who will pick up my American weapon after I drop it and run away

Complete the following sentence. “American weapons are…”
A) Always a good thing to randomly add to any international hot spot
B) Exactly what this raging civil war has been missing for the past three years
C) Best when used moderately
D) Super easy to resell online

Thank you for completing the Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form. We will process your application in the next one to two business days. Please indicate a current mailing address where you would like your weapons to be sent. If there is no one to sign for them we will leave them outside the front door.

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Damascus and Baghdad: A Marine’s Syrian Education

Here is a Westerner with a completely accurate grasp of Syrian society before the war. These words mirror everything I have said about the pluralistic nature of Syria and my Iraqi friends have said the same about Iraq. The US government and press tell us what they want us to believe about Syria and other foreign countries. Talk to a Syrian or Iraqi immigrant and ask them about their countries (there’s a lot of new immigrants around). Ask them to tell you about life in their countries before the wars. When you start to see just how much you’re being lied to about things like lifestyle and religious beliefs, you may come to realize that our government is lying about other things as well…WMDs, chemical weapons, “rebels” and “radicals”. Our government demonizes foreign leaders and sells the “poor, oppressed people,” and “religious sectarian divides” to justify spending billions of US tax dollars on US made weapons, destroying sovereign nations with a high quality of life. We’re not saving or freeing anyone. We’re just transferring more wealth to the already obscenely wealthy. But then hey, that’s what our politicians have been hired to do.

Levant Report

My article written for Foreign Policy Journal (6/26/14).

FP JOURNAL– Last week, Sami Ramadani undertook the urgent task of giving Western audiences a history lesson on the supposed entrenched sectarian violence of modern Iraq. His The Sectarian Myth of Iraq, written for The Guardian, sends a message rarely acknowledged in the English speaking world: “We coexisted peacefully for centuries, and need neither brutal dictators nor western intervention.”

He explodes the illusion that Iraq and the Middle East in general is but a cauldron of historically rooted Shia-Sunni sectarian animosities, and that the current crisis is reducible to the region’s supposedly incurable religious violence—a mentality that has become a truism in the media and foreign policy establishment. This misperception spills over into common American discourse as the simplistic “Arabs hate each other,” or “this is a centuries old religious conflict.” But Ramadani’s point is proven by his wealth…

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A comment and two replies

Regarding an article “Obama’s war on ISIL could reach beyond Iraq into Syria.”

Here are three of over three thousand comments that basically say the same thing. United States citizens know what they want. Is anyone in our government listening?

Mark J
23 hours ago 1 8
I see no reason for us to waste any more lives, money, or time on this region. It hasn’t made our country safer by having a war in both Iraq and Afghanistan, in fact most would argue it has made these countries MORE unstable and further anti-American. It hasn’t made us any wealthier or gas prices cheaper. And in the end we lost as many or more soldiers and other Americans as we did on 911. We have literally spent TRILLIONS on this and have lost lives and accomplished nothing. Time to call it a day and move on.

23 hours ago 0 0
Exactly. You can’t tell me you can’t track direct threats somehow? We are the most informed and powerful nation in the world. Sometimes you have to use brawn but this time it’s about brains. We have two giant oceans and the best Navy and Air force that has ever existed. It’s time to defend home first. War in the middle east will always exist. You can’t be the most powerful country in the world when your citizens are powerless.

7 hours ago 0 0
the only thing that was accomplished was that the military industrial complex and the politicians in washington got rich.

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One way or another, US taxpayers arm radical Islamic fighters in Syria.

I guess American taxpayers are going to arm radical Islamic fighters like ISIS one way or another. Despite our governments “fear of the weapons falling into the wrong hands”, as well as our “attempts to carefully vet the “moderate” rebels”, US-made humvees and other weapons in Iraq are now being taken across the border into Syria. U.S. TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE ARMING A GROUP OUR GOVERNMENT CALLS “WORSE THAN AL QAEDA. Let’s stop sending weapons into Syria and Iraq!

March 2013

“Kerry Confident Syria Arms From U.S. Allies Are Going To Moderate Rebels

DOHA, Qatar — Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the Obama administration is confident that the vast majority of weapons being supplied to Syrian rebels by U.S. allies are going to moderates and not finding their way to extremists. Speaking in Qatar, one of several Arab nations providing weapons to the rebels, Kerry told reporters he had spoken to Qatari leaders about the matter and said there are now “greater guarantees” that nearly all the arms and ammunition going to the opposition inside Syria are getting into the hands of moderates.” John Kerry, Sheik Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani

April 2014

“U.S. finalizing plan to boost support for Syrian rebels

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government is finalizing a plan to increase training and small-arms shipments for Syrian rebels, two U.S. security sources said on Friday, as Syrian government troops gain momentum following the collapse of U.S.-backed peace talks.”” The weapons shipments are scheduled to continue through 2014.



From the Free Syrian Army’s Al Aqsa Facebook page. The Arabic script reads, “and we will continue to crush their strongholds.”

June 2014

“ISIS moving seized US tanks, Humvees to Syria

Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Bill Speaks confirmed the weapons transfers and expressed concerns about the captured arms. “We’re aware of reports of some equipment—namely Humvees—and the pictures that have been posted online,” Speaks said in an email. “We are certainly concerned about these reports and are consulting with the Iraqi government to obtain solid confirmation on what assets may have fallen into ISIL’s hands.””

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Obama and The U.S. government want to increase aid to the “moderate Syrian rebels”. Remember them?

This article was published quite a while ago. The Arabic script reads, “and we will continue to crush their strongholds.” It was posted on the Facebook page of Al Aqsa Brigade. Al Aqsa was a part of the “moderate” Free Syrian Army.

Some people are suggesting the US government give the Syrian rebels even more weapons. ISIS is already using the US made weapons we sent to Iraq. DO WE REALLY WANT TO SEND THEM MORE WEAPONS? US taxpayers are paying for all of this. Will our government EVER use our money for the good of the American people?

“Supporting Syrian moderates will undermine the militants in their heartland,” says this man from the Rafik Hariri Center For the Middle East.

That’s INSANE! Supporting Syrian moderates is what got us here in the first place. ISIS didn’t exist in Syria before the war. Just like it didn’t exist in Iraq before we invaded them. Without continued aid to the “rebels,” the war will quickly end as the Syrian government secures the country. The Syrian people just overwhelmingly re-elected their president. They had over 70% voter turnout. The Syrian people have the right to choose their own leader. Our government should stop spending our money providing weapons to the Syrian rebels.

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U.S. Senator Black: “President Bashar al-Assad proved that he is a very strong leader in facing the events in Syria”

Thank God at least one US politician can see reality in Syria.

the real Syrian Free Press


“Syria about to triumph and gain further international support”

U.S. Senator Richard Black stressed that:

“Syria is heading to triumph and gain further international support regarding what is going on in it as it will succeed in putting an end to the US interference in its internal affairs”.

In an interview via Skype with the Syrian al-Ekhbariya Satellite Channel broadcast Sunday, Black said:

“We try to convince the US to recant its clumsy policy towards Syria,”

asserting that there is a flagrant contradiction inside the US foreign policy institution.

“Historically, Syria is a civilized nation that calls for peace and enjoys an ancient civilization as its people possess huge cultural heritage,”

the US Senator said.

He hailed the firm unity of the social fabric in Syria, the wisdom of the Syrian leadership and the bravery of the Syrian Arab Army in addition to the Syrian diplomacy which has achieved…

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Iraqi Tribesmen Recapture Mosul Neighborhood, Iraqi Army destroyed 60 USA-ISIL vehicles

I think maybe the US does not need to do anything. The Syrian Army is patrolling the Iraqi border and destroying any ISIL convoys they find. The Iraqi people are mounting their own defense and Iran has come to their aid as well. I think the US can finally get out and stay out!

the real Syrian Free Press

Iraqi Tribesmen Recapture Mosul Neighborhood, Iraqi Army destroyed 60 USA-ISIL vehicles, Fightingare underway, while the air forceof the Syrian armypatrolthe bordersand devastates every unidentified military  convoy


Tribesmen from Iraq’s Mosul regained control of one of the Northern city’s neighborhoods following heavy clashes with Takfiri militants.

According to PressTV reports, the clashes occurred in Mosul’s al-Wahda neighborhood on Wednesday.

About two dozen Takfiri members from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), including militants from Saudi Arabia, were killed in the clashes.

The Iraqi army says its forces have destroyed 60 vehicles belonging to the militants in the Northern city of Baqubah.

The deadly clashes and liberation of the Mosul neighborhood come after ISIL Spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani called on the militants to march on toward the country’s capital, Baghdad, and Karbala.

Meanwhile, fresh reports from officials say ISIL militants have seized the…

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