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Syria Today – Part III My Family (the other half of it)

My dad says, “qalba dihab” (heart of gold), when he talks about Julia, and it’s true. She is such a sweetheart. She’s an exemplary Syrian mother, cooking and cleaning, anticipating the needs of her family, and working for the good of her family with a smile on her face. Continue reading

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Syria Today

Maybe I should start with “nishkar Allah”, which means “thank God.” I’m not entirely sure how many times I’ve said “nishkar Allah” since I’ve been here. I’ve been thinking, “thank God I’m here, thank God I made it, thank God I still have a country and family to come home to.” Nishkar Allah. Continue reading

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Life goes on. Thank God.

Talked to my brother and sister in Syria today. Pretty happy to get through to both of them on the same day. Doesn’t happen very often. My sister is at her in-laws right now. There’s not enough heating oil available … Continue reading

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A short update on my family and village.

I haven’t posted here in awhile. I’ve been so upset about the US bombing Northern Syria, which I just see as their entry point into the country to bring down the Syrian government, their only real goal since they started … Continue reading

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This is our nightmare. I dream of our reality.

I spoke to my cousin’s wife the other day. She’s from Damascus, but has lived here for years. Her parents lived in Damascus until last year, when they made the trip here. My cousin’s parents came just this year, from … Continue reading

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All the news that disappeared yesterday. None of it particularly good.

Yesterday, I wrote a full summary of all the news I’d gathered about the fighting near my village. When I hit the “publish” button, everything I had written, except for the title of the post, disappeared. After I stopped crying, … Continue reading

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Nightmares every night, but my family says, “Don’t Worry.” News from the village, February 1, 2014

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